Recycled Energy

Boost your profits while reducing your impact on the environment by recycling the waste energy from your operations.

At Dominion Technologies, we work with clients every day to create a customized solution that raises productivity and profits and reduces greenhouse emissions.

Our services can be applied across a diverse set of fields including hotels, schools, commercial buildings, and manufacturing applications. It is through our technologies that we provide clients with significantly reduced energy costs, reduced impact on the environment through reducing greenhouse emissions, and increased profit margins.

In most cases, your operation is already producing exhaust that is harmful for the environment. What Dominion Technologies does is examine how your facility works and develops a customized solution that captures your exhaust and uses it to generate new energy that can power your production facility. This constant flow of recycled energy can produce noticeable results by reducing your energy bills, thus freeing up capital for other projects.

Read to save?

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No matter your industry, you have the ability to free up capital, boot profits, and reduce costs—all while reducing your carbon footprint


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