What We Do

Dominion Technologies provides solutions that transform waste energy into free electrical power, freeing up capital and increasing your profits.

As energy producing consultants, Dominion Technologies provides consultation and solutions to those in a variety of industries to find new opportunities on how a client can generate power. Dominion Technologies specializes in implementing turbo-machinery technologies in both new energy and green energy through recycled waste.

We provide clients with turbo-machinery power modules that generate power from both offshore oil platforms and onshore technologies that remove waste from the environment and transform that into new, environmentally friendly energy.

Our services can be applied across a diverse set of fields including hotels, schools, commercial buildings, and manufacturing applications. It is through our technologies that we provide clients with significantly reduced energy costs, reduced impact on the environment through reducing greenhouse emissions, and increased profit margins.

Working with a strong list of resources, Dominion Technologies has the experience and knowledge to provide companies with eco-friendly, cost-saving solutions for recovering waste energy and turning that waste into huge savings.

For more information and to speak with one of our consultants, please feel free to contact us today.

We provide solutions that transform waste energy into free electrical power.


Please contact us today to speak with someone about customized solutions for your company.

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